achtergrond afbeelding
achtergrond afbeelding

New 'Jan Maria' for German subsidiary of P&P

In the far north on white fish and shrimp

KATWIJK/BREMERHAVEN - The Turkish shipyard Tersan is currently building a new trawler for a German subsidiary of Parlevliet & Van der Plas: BX 792 'Jan Maria'. The German subsidiary, Nordbank Hochseefischerei GmbH, is located in Bremerhaven, which will also be the home port of the new ship.

The BX 792, designed by the Norwegian Skipsteknisk, has an overall length of 88.10 meters and is 18.30 meters wide. The propulsion comes from a 7,000 kW Wärtsilä main engine which drives a propeller with a diameter of 4,300 mm. The delivery of the new 'Jan Maria' is planned for July 2023.

With a crew up to 45 men, the ship will fish for 'whitefish' such as cod, saithe and halibut in far northern waters, as well as shrimp. The catch, filleted or not, is frozen on board, up to a maximum of 100 tons per day.

The BX 792 'Jan Maria' will replace the current ROS 786 'Gerda Maria'. This stern trawler was built in 1990 as NC 106 'Cuxhaven' and was extended after the takeover by Nordbank.