achtergrond afbeelding
achtergrond afbeelding

PP Group sponsors Limes Bubble Barrier

On Monday October 4th the official starting signal was given for the construction of the Limes Bubble Barrier.

Coast Busters Foundation is initiator and project leader of the Limes Bubble Barrier, an initiative to realize a bubble barrier in the estuary of the river Rhine at Katwijk aan Zee to catch plastic and other waste before it flows into the sea. This is a beautiful and unique location to make the plastic pollution visible and to create awareness among citizens.

The implementation agreement for the Limes Bubble Barrier was signed by the Municipality of Katwijk (commissioning party), Hoogheemraadschap van Rijnland (operation) and Coast Busters.

Also PP Group, partner and sponsor, is committed to this great initiative and we are very proud of that!

In 2022 an education and monitoring center will be opened to provide information to schoolchildren, tourists and other interested citizens. PP Group has committed itself to sponsorship for the coming years!