achtergrond afbeelding
achtergrond afbeelding

Press release

PP Group one of the leaders in the fishing sector in the world has agreed together with TOG (Thunnus Overseas Group), one of the leaders in the canned Tuna Industry and his main shareholder, Mohamad Khachab, to take a significant part in the shares of the company.

TOG, with its head office in Paris and warehouse in Dunkerque, is owning one tuna canning factory in Atlantic Ocean, Abidjan, Ivory Coast (Scodi) and one tuna canning factory in Indian Ocean, Diego, Madagascar (Peche et Froid Ocean Indien).

Owning the brand Pompon Rouge, and producer of National French brands and private labels. Also specialized in Fish meals production. CCO (conserverie des 5 océans) a subsidiary of TOG is the distributor of canned tuna in all Europe.

PP Group is 100 % owner of CFTO, Compagnie française du Thon Oceanique, which is operating with 6 tuna purse seiners in Atlantic Ocean, which has the basis with her landing port Abidjan, Ivory Coast and 8 tuna purse seiners in the Indian Ocean.

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