Our motto is ‘we want to preserve the capital and only catch the interest’. We should fish in such a way that fish stocks and their natural habitats remain healthy and productive. This is the only way in which we can continue to meet the demand of present and future generations.

Our catch quotas are dictated by government and EU regulations, and are based on scientific advice.  We fish without causing damage to the seabed, and without disturbing the ecological system.  We have built an excellent reputation for sustainable fishing, and are proud to have achieved MSC certification for our North Sea herring and North Atlantic herring fisheries. 

As an active member of the Pelagic Freezer-trawler Association, we work closely together with international scientists, environmental organisations, governments and fisheries management bodies, to ensure that accurate research provides the information necessary to ensure sustainable fisheries and effective fish stock management, including the prevention of unintentional bycatch, in all waters where we operate. 

Carbon Footprint
An additional bonus is the low carbon footprint of the pelagic industry compared to other food industries, which helps to make it one of the most proficient in the world.  

BREEAM Case study cold storage
Casestudy Parlevliet Kotterkade 2017

BREEAM Renovation Coldstore Texelstraat

At the start of 2014 Parlevliet & van der Plas was commissioned by a master plan for the renovation and construction of various cold stores in IJmuiden. The forty year old cold store to the Texel Street, as part of this plan completely renovated, with the renovation sustainability plays an important role. The building will be equipped with a variety of sustainable techniques.

The Building 
The environment and sustainability are highly valued by Parlevliet & Van der Plas. The decision to renovate the old cold store at the Texel Street goes along with the choice of a sustainable building.

This choice led to the decision to build the building with the guidance of the Adamasgroup, to realize the BREEAM standards. Our ambition is to score the BREEAM rating of 4 stars which stands for the qualification ‘excellent’.

To realize the BREEAM ‘excellent’ score we will apply several sustainable technical solutions:

 - The use of LED lighting
 - The reuse of heat waste
 - NH3 Refrigeration
 - Water saving plumbing
 - The installation of solar panels on the roof

The project by the BREEAM standards connects to the vision of Parlevliet & Van der Plas, this vision aspires the most sustainable way of catching and processing of various fish species.

General project information


Parlevliet & van der Plas Vastgoed BV

BREEAM consultant:

Adamante group, Arnhem

BREEAM assessor:

Jan Roersen, W4Y




Bouwburo Engineers

Contractor / Developer:

G&S Construction, Amsterdam

Design installation:

Cofely Refrigeration BV, Roosendaal

Building-related installer

European Electricity, Ijmuiden

Process installer:

Cofely Refrigeration BV, Roosendaal


Cooling cold store


Masonry with panels

BREEAM score:

72% 'Excellent'

EPG score:


Heating changing room and canteen:

HR boiler

Heating floors:

Recycling heat waste from the plant


LED lighting

Hot water:

Close in boiler