Africa, the community we supply 

Parlevliet & Van der Plas started trading fish with Africa around 30 years ago and it has become our most important market. We feel a responsibility for feeding the African people, of which there are around 1 billion spread throughout the continent.

 It is a continent which has an ever increasing need for protein supplies and one in which malnutrition unfortunately still exists.  However, the development of roads and transport networks, and the growth of multiple retail outlets in expanding cities, all contribute towards the creation of a larger network for food supply in Africa.  Fish is no longer eaten just in coastal areas, but is spread all over the continent. 

To help, we have made it our daily challenge to produce fish in volume, quality and price suitable for these markets and are currently re-enforcing our marketing strategy to ensure a continued, sustainable and regular seafood supply.  

Fish is vital to sustain life and this is the reason why fishing is our passion.  We are fishing for life! 

The traditional African market is a huge, colourful place, where fish trading is mainly handled and managed by women. All week long, despite the extreme heat of the day or torrential rain, the women appear on the market, graceful and elegant, dressed in the traditional ‘bubu’.  With a smile that belies the power and authority within, they expertly deal with suppliers and employees.  Many haven’t learned to read or write, yet their accuracy with numbers and keen sense for business, have led them to become major economic players in their country.
Their nickname, ‘Mama Benz’, relates to fact that their success and wealth enables them to buy Mercedes Benz cars!
These women, acting as agents for food importers in Africa, are our best distributors. They know every single characteristic of our fish and are extremely demanding.  And it is a competitive business!  To help them we work hard upstream to provide good grading, strong packaging, an eye-catching logo on the cartons, coloured straps - all useless details for European markets, but these are important marketing tools in Africa, and no defaulting is allowed!